Massive Road Projects Hit CR

FROM Frederick E. Aggrey

A number of road projects are being constructed or refurbished in the Central Region in fulfilment of the infrastructural enhancement promise of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government.

Over 40 different projects are at various stages of completion in the region.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with DAILY GUIDE, Samuel K. Akuaku, Central Regional Director of Ghana Highway Authority (GHA), indicated that contracts awarded include the yearly routine maintenance and reshaping contracts, Sino-Hydro projects, contracts for upgrading and entirely new projects.

According to him, 10 other projects involving 287.3km stretch of roads are under consideration at various levels.

Projects awarded for reconstruction and upgrading of selected trunk roads in the region include 8km Assin Fosu–Twifo Praso road, 15 km Brofoyedur–Akenkausu road, Nsuta Town roads, Asebu Town roads, Abura Dunkwa Town roads and 17km Assin Manso–Ajumako road.

Others are resealing of 36km Cape Coast–Twifo Praso road, rehabilitation of 2.3km Winneba Senior School Campus roads, resealing of Lot one 41km Cape Coast – Twifo Praso road (6km awarded), 41km Lot two Cape Coast – Twifo Praso Roads (6km awarded), 41km Lot three Cape Coast–Twifo Praso (6km awarded) and 41km Lot four Cape Coast–Twifo Praso road (6km awarded).

Unpaved roads awarded include re-gravelling of Ateiku –Saponso–Agyempomaa road (5km), re-gravelling of 5km-10km Ateiku–Saponso–Agyempomaa road, re-gravelling of Dunkwa–Opokukrom–Nkotomso road 5km and re-gravelling of 5km Dunkwa–Opokukrom– Nkotomso road.

Ongoing contracts include 10km upgrading of Amanful (Mensahkrom) NyankromNkum road, at 84 per cent completion; upgrading of 15km Assin Nyankumasi– Senchiem road (59 per cent completion); upgrading of 20km Dunkwa–Twifo Praso–Assin Fosu road (100 per cent completion); upgrading of eight per cent Dunkwa-Ayanfuri road (74 per cent complete).

Other projects include upgrading of 14km Dunkwa– Mankrong Jn–Mepong road (39 per cent progress); partial reconstruction of 12 per cent Amanful– Nyankrom–Odobem–Breman Asikuma road (44 per cent progress); upgrading of 20km Twifo–Praso–Assin Fosu road (50km); upgrading of 21km Dunkwa– Awisam road (26.14 per cent completion), resealing and partial reconstruction of 20km Ajumako–Breman Asikuma road (one per cent progress) and two others.