Merqury Quaye Is ‘Father Of DJs’

Merqury Quaye 


Renowned Ghanaian disc Jockey (DJ), DJ Merqury Quaye, a name that resonates throughout the African music industry, is widely hailed as the father of DJs in Africa.

With his groundbreaking contributions and relentless efforts, he has revolutionised the DJing landscape across the continent, making his colleagues in the profession tagging him as “father of DJs in Africa”.

His influence extends far beyond his home country of Ghana, inspiring countless DJs and shaping the way music is experienced throughout Africa.

Merqury Quaye, whose journey began when DJing was still a relatively new idea in Africa, has been instrumental in advancing DJing as a career and art form, elevating it to the fore of African music culture.

He understood the power of music and saw the potential for DJs to not only entertain but also influence and elevate the business.

As the founder of Ghana DJ Awards which has grown into a prestigious event, offering a stage for DJs to shine and supporting excellence within the profession, Merqury Quaye has consistently promoted African music and artistes through his awards scheme.

He has relentlessly supported and promoted local artistes through his radio shows and events, giving them exposure and acclaim both within Ghana and outside.

His commitment to African music has greatly contributed to enhancing the continent’s musical history and encouraging pride in its variety of sounds.

Merqury Quaye, a skilled DJ in his own right, had an enduring impression on the African DJ scene and his ability to sense the crowd and his famed turntable talents have won over audiences everywhere.

He flawlessly combines several genres in his concerts, which are an immersive experience. He also creates an energised environment wherever he goes.

He has had a significant impact on the careers of many DJs by sharing priceless knowledge and instilling a love for the art through workshops, seminars, and one-on-one contacts.

The influence of Merqury Quaye on the DJ scene in Africa cannot be overemphasised. He has pioneered the industry, built recognised platforms, and catapulted African music and talent onto the international arena as the father of DJs in Africa.

He has left an enduring legacy that will influence and inspire DJs across the continent for generations to come through his vision, passion, and unwavering dedication.

He has made an amazing contribution to the African music scene, and his impact will be felt for many years to come.