Michy Builds Two Houses After Leaving Shatta Wale

Michy, Shatta Wale

Michy, ex-girlfriend of Shatta Wale, says she is doing very well against expectations that she may suffer after ending her “unfulfilling” relationship with the dance artiste.

According to her, she now owns two houses and she was able to do that after ending her relationship with Shatta Wale.

Michy, who is known in real life as Michelle Diamond, disclosed this on Instagram while replying to TV host AJ Poundz who was reported to have said Michy made a wrong move by listening to those who advised her to leave Shatta Wale.

“Dear @ajpoundz_gh, pls (please) don’t project your fears on me. My only advisor was God (intuition) & you’re not wiser than Him sis. It’s cuz (because) of advisors like you that women are stuck in unfulfilling relationships. The fact that I built something with someone doesn’t mean he owes me, let’s not feel entitled. If I could for someone, I can equally do same & more for myself with the help of God. For a girl that left all her belongings behind to acquiring two houses in less than two years of being single, enrolled myself in law school amongst other blessings, me (my) sef (self) I shock give God(In His time He makes all things beautiful) & I’m really enjoying His endless wonders. I doubt you’re done breastfeeding your baby, focus on that,” Michy wrote.