Minister Calls For Football Landscape Transformation

Mustapha Ussif


The Minister of Youth and Sports, Mustapha Ussif, has called for a comprehensive transformation of Ghana’s football landscape.

The minister emphasised the need for the Ghana Football Association (GFA) to develop strategies that would make the domestic league more attractive, competitive, and financially sustainable.

While acknowledging the unprecedented investments made by the government in infrastructure and policies to support sports development in Ghana, the minister stressed that infrastructure and financial resources alone were not sufficient to guarantee success in football.

He urged the football administration, at the 29th Ordinary Session of the (GFA) Congress on Monday, to critically assess the current approach and embrace a new vision for the future.

“We must undergo a comprehensive transformation of our football landscape,” he stated, adding that “The Ghana Football Association must take a critical look at our current approach and embrace a new vision for the future.”

The minister further emphasised the importance of empowering coaches and developing their competence to international standards.

He called for increased exposure to the outside world and continuous capacity building to ensure that Ghanaian coaches possess the necessary skills to fully develop the potential of Ghanaian players. The minister highlighted the role of football in uniting the nation, citing the unifying force behind the success of the national team, the Black Stars, in international tournaments.

He urged the football community to use football as a tool to foster national unity and instill a sense of pride and patriotism among Ghanaians.

In addressing concerns about fair refereeing, the minister emphasised the need for transparency and integrity in the management of football affairs. He urged the Ghana Football Association to take steps to address any perception of compromised refereeing, as it had a negative effect on the integrity of the league competitions and Ghanaian football as a whole.

From The Sports Desk