Minister Impounds Illegal Rosewood In Savannah Region

The Savannah Regional Minister, Salifu Adam Braimah, has impounded a truck loaded with illegal rosewood at a community near Tuluwe in the Savannah Region.

The minister who is on a familiarization tour of the region chanced upon the truck with registration number AS 9995 F being loaded with the illegal rosewood and ordered for the arrest of the driver.

The license of the driver and documents of the truck were seized when the driver failed to produce his permit.

Security personnel in the region were ordered to escort the truck to the district capital, Buipe.

The Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources has banned the lumbering of rosewood in line with the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).

According to the minister, due to the fight against illegal lumbering of rosewood in the region, the dealers have developed a strategy by transporting it through Kusawgu, Mankango to Yeji instead of passing through Tamale.

He however, warned that the fight against illegal rosewood in the region was on and they would not allow anybody to take the law into their own hands and destroy the forest.

Mr. Braimah lamented about the destruction of the roads in the communities due to the use of big trucks into the forest to lumber rosewood.

FROM Eric Kombat, Tuluwe