Minority Fights President Akufo-Addo Over SML KPMG Report


The Minority in Parliament has raised concerns and criticized President Akufo-Addo for the delay in addressing the KPMG report on the audit of the revenue mobilisation contract between the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) and Strategic Mobilisation Ghana Ltd (SML).

SML had refuted claims made in an investigative piece in December 2023, which stated that they were awarded a 5-year contract instead of a 10-year contract. Furthermore, SML denied allegations of taking $100 million annually from the contract. In response to these allegations, President Akufo-Addo suspended the contract, pending a KPMG probe, which was initially expected to be completed by January 16, 2024.

However, the deadline was later extended to February 23, 2024.

Expressing his dissatisfaction, Cassiel Ato Forson, the Minority Leader, questioned the President’s silence on the report for over a month, suggesting a lack of commitment to fighting corruption.

He emphasized the importance of a timely resolution, stating, “When Parliament decided to investigate this matter, the president took over that matter and said he was investigating it in two weeks. As we speak, it is over a month, in fact, six weeks, and Ghana is still waiting for the report.”

Forson reaffirmed Parliament’s dedication to investigating the controversial SML contract awarded by the GRA and the Finance Ministry, regardless of the length of time it takes.

Parliament aims to thoroughly address the concerns surrounding the contract and ensure transparency and accountability.

The delay in addressing the KPMG report has raised concerns among the public, with citizens eagerly awaiting the findings of the investigation. It is crucial for the government to address these concerns promptly and take necessary actions based on the findings to restore public trust and uphold the fight against corruption.

As the deadline for the submission of the report approaches, Ghanaians remain hopeful that the government will fulfill its promise of transparency and accountability by releasing the findings and taking appropriate measures to address any irregularities uncovered during the audit.

By Vincent Kubi