Mo Abudu Denies Alleged Sex With Politicians

Mo Abudu
Nigerian media mogul and producer, Mosunmola Abudu, popularly known as Mo Abudu has responded to allegations that she made her money by sleeping with top politicians in Nigeria.
Speaking in a recent interview with Chude Jideonwo, she said she was not moved by allegations.
“I listen to my mum a lot and she is wise. She says, leave them, no one knows how water gets in the coconut so I would not waste my time thinking about what anyone said.
“Those that know me know me very well and anyone saying trash doesn’t know me…people were calling me to find out if there is something serious happening and I’m like, you guys, I am very okay,” she stated.
“Yes, these rumours can be painful because of the young girls that look up to me, I don’t want the young girls that look up to me to think that this is what I have done and if they do I worry about that because how do you do the work we have done?
“I’m getting busy here so let them keep getting busy with their cooked up stories,” she added.
According to the Dailypost, she also spoke on how she gets her projects and contracts including those from Netflix.
Abudu explained, “We at Ebony life studios have over 30 international projects in development from Netflix to Will Smith’s company, to Sony and some not announced yet, incredible projects.
“I receive calls every day, about how the western world works when they find someone doing magic, your information spreads and they want to work with you and that is our mission to be global not just Nigerian and African vision.”