‘Moesha Boduong Burnt GH¢50,000 To Ashes’

Moesha Boduong 

A leaked voice purported to be that of Moesha Bodoung’s personal assistant (PA), is alleging that the socialite has dashed out a chunk of her money and even burnt her fifty thousand Ghana cedis to ashes.

This was after she allegedly saw her Nigerian senator lover bathed in blood.

“Do you know Moesha burnt over 50,000 Ghana cedis to ashes?” the PA disclosed in the leaked audio which has been circulating on various media platforms since Thursday.

He alleged Moesha was influenced to burn the money by her pastor.

“I went to the VGMAs and because it was Mona’s birthday I went to Twist Night Club. When I came back home I saw ashes in the kitchen and I asked the step mother what happened and she said the pastors came. She was like I don’t know how to say this…Moesha burnt over GH¢50,000,” he alleged.

In June 2021, the actress and socialite who is known for flaunting her body on social media announced that she has given her life to God and would henceforth  lead a Christ-like life.

She continued to ask her followers not to be surprised when they see her preaching.

Later she was captured in other videos on social media preaching the word of God to some people in a bid to win souls for the kingdom of God and also confessing to an attempt to kill herself.

The confession that she was going to commit suicide led to an outrage, with some persons calling out the Revelation Church where she gave her life to God.

In a press statement issued by the church at the time, it denied allegations that it assisted Moesha to sell her properties.

But the PA alleged that the church is the reason Moesha is giving out her properties. He alleged that they took monies from Moesha because she was told she needed to give out her blood money.

“She was to go to Nigeria see her senator boyfriend and she missed her flight. So she was calling him on video and she saw the man with blood all over him like occult stuff.  The man called her and told her not to tell anyone but Moesha can’t keep her mouth shut…I told Moesha you have to come to  church, let the pastor rather see something and tell you, if you tell them it is like you are rather giving them information and they will stand on that. That was why they started asking for 2000 dollars and she stood up. After that she was still giving them money; 3000 dollars, 2000 dollars,” he alleged.

“The money in your account is blood money give out the money they keep telling her and she drained all the money in her dollar account,” he added.