MoH’s ‘No Jab No Entry’ Appropriate

Only herd immunity can stop the cantankerous COVID-19 virus from playing what now appears to be its parlous mutating game.

With hints of a new variant, said to be more transmissible than its predecessors, an amalgam of the delta and Omnicron, we must face the choice of whether or not to make the administration of the jab mandatory or not.

We have had to return to this subject, now a vexed one of course, because of not only the mutating nature of the virus but the inability of the authorities to institute a compulsory jab regime. Interestingly, this anomaly is not restricted to our shores.

As a worldwide phenomenon, it is giving the virus an opportunity to mutate and make nonsense of the sleepless nights of our scientists in the laboratories.

With the fact that herd immunity is the only way to stop the mutation, we call on our local authorities to make the jab compulsory as we wait for the rest of the world to do same.

France and others are considering this line of action even in the face of objection from sections of their populace.

The world is facing a health emergency and the earlier this reality is tackled, with the necessary action, the better will it will be for global good.

The world economy is under threat of a major slowdown, the fallouts from the pandemic-induced uncertainties.

Unfortunately, negative politics is being used to create the impression that the COVID-19 fallouts are restricted to our shores only.

News about the Ministry of Health turning away those who are not fully vaccinated is a welcome development.

The action, which we are told would be extended to all who come to the department, including the sector minister, is for us an important trail blazer worthy of emulation by the State.

We have been lucky so far with the various variants of the virus but how long can we be so fortunate in our part of the world where the health administration system is not in the best of forms?

We stand to gain by not pushing our luck too far. The vaccinations are here. Let us simply go and get the jabs and save ourselves, the country and the world.

Even the developed countries, with their relative robust economies, are straining under the weight of the COVID-19 pandemic, let alone developing economies, the category in which we fall.

Let the possession of full vaccination certificates be requirements for entry into public buildings including police stations, among others.

This would go a long way in ensuring that the local herd immunity is achieved. With this feat achieved, we would have contributed immensely towards the global achievement of the goal of herd immunity.

We doff our hats in deference to the Ministry of Health for showing the way.