Morocco Earthquake: Akufo-Addo Extends Condolences


In a heartfelt message of solidarity, the people of Ghana and their government have expressed profound sorrow and offered their deepest condolences to King Mohammed VI, as well as the Government and people of the Kingdom of Morocco, in the wake of a devastating earthquake that struck the nation on Friday.

The catastrophic event has tragically claimed the lives of thousands and left countless others injured.

Ghana, standing in solidarity with its Moroccan friends, has pledged unwavering support during these difficult times.

The nation’s heartfelt condolences were conveyed by a Ghanaian spokesperson on behalf of the entire Ghanaian people.

“On behalf of the people of Ghana, I extend my deepest condolences to King Mohammed VI and to the Government and people of the Kingdom of Morocco on the tragedy which has been occasioned by Friday’s earthquake, and has claimed the lives of thousands,” expressed the spokesperson.

The people of Ghana, known for their unwavering compassion and empathy, expressed their profound sadness at the loss of life caused by the earthquake. They also offered their prayers and thoughts to the families of the victims, wishing them strength and solace during this painful period of grief. Furthermore, they conveyed their sincere hopes for a swift recovery for those injured in the catastrophe.

“We pray for the families of the victims and wish the injured speedy recovery,” the spokesperson continued, emphasizing the collective grief felt by the Ghanaian people. “Morocco has a friend in Ghana, and she can count on our support in these difficult times.”

Ghana’s pledge of support reflects the deep-rooted bond and friendship between the two nations. The Ghanaian people stand united with the Moroccan people, offering their assistance and resources to aid in the recovery and rebuilding efforts.

As Morocco grapples with the aftermath of this tragic event, the international community has also expressed its condolences and offered assistance to the North African nation.

The global response underscores the importance of solidarity and cooperation in times of crisis.

Rescue teams, humanitarian organizations, and neighboring countries have mobilized resources to provide relief and support to the affected regions.

The road to recovery may be arduous, but with the collective efforts and support from countries like Ghana, Morocco will undoubtedly overcome this tragedy and rebuild stronger than ever.

By Vincent Kubi