MP Honours Constituents

An award winner receiving a motorbike


The Member of Parliament (MP) for Upper West Akim Constituency in the Eastern Region, Frederick Adom Obeng, has honoured some hardworking constituents with numerous awards for contributing to the transformation agenda of the country.

The award ceremony, which is the 3rd edition so far, aims at empowering and inspiring all sector workers in the constituency.

The awards were presented to teachers, nurses, agricultural workers, security personnel and other staff who worked hard in their areas of endeavour.

Speaking at the ceremony, the MP pledged to appreciate the efforts of the private sector workers in the next award ceremony.

He urged all electorates to massively vote for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and retain him as the lawmaker for the constituency in the forthcoming general elections.

Mr. Obeng assured the constituents that a contractor was working hard to enable twenty-three communities to be connected to the national grid so their businesses would thrive.

A brand new motorcycle, flat screen television sets, mobile phones and new tablets were received by over 30 awardees, including health professionals and teachers, students and other workers in the constituency.

Some of the awardees expressed gratitude to the MP for recognising their efforts.


BY Daniel Bampoe