Mpraeso MP Advocates 1D1F For Earthenware Production

Davis Ansah Opoku


THE MEMBER of Parliament (MP) for Mpraeso, Davis Ansah Opoku, has urged the government to take decisive action on supporting the pottery industry.

He said this will prevent the influx of mass-produced ceramics from foreign countries.

He believes that establishing minor and government-backed enterprises under the One District – One Factory (1D1F), fitted with modern kilns and bakeries in all pottery hubs across the country, will help this cause significantly.

Speaking in Parliament about the challenges faced by earthenware producers in the Eastern Region, specifically Mpraeso, the MP stated that technical and material challenges such as clay quality, kiln technology, consistency, and standardisation have been a barrier to the potters, preventing them from entering large markets.

According to him, while researching the concerns faced by the potters, he personally engaged one Nana Kwame Addo, a potter that has trained several of the potters.

“He highlighted economic, health, social, and environmental concerns and called for policy support,” he noted and added that it was on account of such concerns that he was calling for government-backed factories under the 1D1F.

“These facilities will serve a dual purpose: they will provide the artisans with the tools they need to increase their output and improve the quality of their wares, making them competitive both at home and abroad,” he asserted.

Furthermore, he stated that these factories will function as training grounds for the future generation of potters, guaranteeing that the knowledge and traditions of the past are preserved while being enriched by new techniques.

“Mr. Speaker, promoting the pottery industry aligns with our global commitment to environmental sustainability. Pottery products are biodegradable and embody the very essence of eco-friendly practices. It is a testament to how our ancestors lived in harmony with nature,” he pointed out.

For him, by supporting this industry, the nation will uphold its cultural heritage and contribute to reducing plastic waste that is choking the country and planet.

“It is, therefore, imperative that we endeavour to develop and promote Ghanaian potters who, despite the difficulties, continue to create beautiful, functional works of art, contributing significantly to their communities’ cultural fabric and economy,” he stated.

The Mpraeso MP said the Ghana Export Promotion Authority must step forward to champion the cause of our earthenware makers.

“By facilitating the entry of our traditional pottery into the international markets, we will boost our economy and showcase Ghana’s rich culture and craftsmanship to the world. Today, our traditional heritage is being produced on a large scale and sold on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon.

“We need to move these hardworking women from the main Accra-Kumasi road, where they are exposed to severe risks, by instituting a more modern and pragmatic marketing strategy focusing on exports and global digital markets,” he posited.


By Ernest Kofi Adu