Mr Ibu’s Family Denies Second Leg Amputation Rumors

In a latest statement, the family of veteran Nigerian actor John Okafor, popularly known as Mr. Ibu, has vehemently denied reports claiming that his second leg has been amputated.

Recent social media speculation suggested that Mr Ibu underwent a second leg amputation following a similar procedure on the first leg weeks earlier.

Contrary to these rumors, the family clarified that only one leg had been amputated, and it was a necessary step to address Mr Ibu’s health predicament. The initial amputation did not fully resolve his health challenges, leading to the decision for a further amputation on the same leg to safeguard his well-being.

The family however refuted claims of severe diabetes, stating that Mr Ibu’s health issues primarily involve constant blood clotting in his leg, attributed to diseased blood vessels and other life-threatening conditions.

The statement also addressed reports of plans to fly him abroad for advanced treatment, revealing that doctors have deemed him “Not Fit to Fly,” hindering any international travel.

Expressing gratitude for public support, the family urged everyone to rely on accurate information and refrain from spreading unconfirmed reports.

Mr Ibu is currently receiving medical care in one of Nigeria’s top hospitals, and the family requested continued prayers for his recovery.

“We urge his friends, colleagues, fans, and Nigerians at large to keep him in their prayers and peddle down on unconfirmed reports concerning our dad’s health,” the family stated.