Mr. Logic Tackles Adjetey Anang Over Cheating Brouhaha

Mr. Logic

Showbiz critic and panelist, Mr. Logic, has said he doesn’t trust actor Adjetey Anang’s claims that he didn’t cheat on his wife sexually.

According to him, he should come clear and accept his mistake.

Adjetey Anang in his recently launched memoir, ‘Adjetey Anang: A Story of Faith, Imperfection and Resilience’, revealed that he cheated on his wife both physically and emotionally.

“I have been in very compromising situations with ladies,” he wrote, admitting that, “Yes; I have cheated on my wife before in the various forms that cheating could be defined as, both emotionally and physically.

However, in an interview after launching of the book, Adjetey said the cheating had nothing to do with sex.

This was to clear the air on an allegation going around that he had sex behind his wife.

The explanation however didn’t sit well with a lot of Ghanaians, including Mr. Logic, who believe the actor isn’t being truthful.

“Adjetey Anang has been dismembered in the association of cheating men. His apology must not be accepted by the wife,” he said while speaking on UTV‘s United Showbiz programme on Saturday.

“Man up! He should stop playing the man of God character and accept that I cheated, I apologise; that’s it… When you cheat, don’t come out and say it. Change; be a changed man for your wife,” he added.