Murder Of Tupac Shakur, Biggie Smalls Related – Detective


A Las Vegas Metropolitan Police detective investigating the 1996 murder of rapper Tupac Shakur testified before a grand jury in September that detectives had a theory that his murder and the murder of rapper Biggie Smalls may have been related.

In the transcript of a Clark County grand jury proceeding from last month, retired Las Vegas Metropolitan Police detective Clifford Mogg said that detectives who investigated Shakur’s murder “believed that people associated with both murders were involved.”

Mogg later added that the “theory was accurate that they were related”. He didn’t specify what the theory was but did say, that Duane Davis, who was recently charged for the murder of Shakur, was not involved.

“When you say they were related, you’re not saying perpetrated by the same individuals?” Chief Deputy District Attorney Marc DiGiacomo said, and Mogg responded, “That’s correct.”

Mogg also said in another grand jury session that he believes Davis spoke publicly about his involvement in the shooting death of Shakur because he sought financial gain.

“So, did he at any time state why he did so many interviews being that…no one had been charged for the murder; if he was involved why is he speaking out so much?” DiGiacomo asked.

“The only reason that I can see now that he is doing all of these interviews is monetary gain,” Mogg replied.

Mogg testified further that one of the reasons behind the July 2023 search of Davis’s house was to determine whether he had received any payments or remuneration connected to his claims of participation in Shakur’s death.

As part of the grand jury testimony, Mogg read sections of Davis’ book “Compton Street Legend” to illustrate his description of him participating in a gang and to share the details therein about the events surrounding Shakur’s death.

Davis, who has been charged with murder, has placed himself at the scene of the crime for years, stating publicly he was in the front seat of a white Cadillac when it pulled up alongside Shakur’s car and shots rang out from the back seat. Shakur was shot four times and died six days later.

Shakur died in September 1996 in Las Vegas. Smalls, born Christopher Wallace, was also shot and killed in a drive-by shooting, in March 1997 in Los Angeles.