Music Industry Needs Investors – Alordia

Nii Ofori Tackie


Nii Ofori Tackie, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Alordia Promotions, has urged Ghanaians to support and invest in the music industry in the country to help boost the economy.

The CEO, who is also known as DJ Alordia in the music industry, is the organiser of the annual Ghana Music Awards UK. He has produced and supported a number of talented artistes.

He said the music industry needs investment, ranging from putting in place the infrastructure, creating and resourcing the market, making available seed money for industry players, developing our human resources, and providing the needed technologies.

According to him, investing in the local music industry would help the industry break into the global music market, which required good funding.

In an interview on Connect 97.1 FM in Takoradi, DJ Alordia pointed out that music was the largest industry in Ghana; stressing that the little investment one makes guarantees profitable returns than other sectors of the economy.

He mentioned that Ghanaians must invest in the music industry to make it more lucrative and attractive to the outside world.

The event’s organiser noted that Ghanaian musicians are giving strong performances and predicted that, with the aid of investors, they will be able to pack big stadiums like Nigerians are doing.

He stressed that it was high time Ghanaians invested in the music industry to create employment; adding that a lot of Ghanaian youth are unemployed but with great talents which can earn them a livelihood if support is given.

Alordia Promotions, which has produced events like the Afrobeat Concert, Ghana Independence Concert, Ghana Music Awards UK, and others, is one of the largest event promoters Ghana has ever had.