‘My Ex-Wife’s Friends Were Pivotal In Exposing Her ‘

Odartey Lamptey with his two daughters

Ex-Ghanaian international soccer star, Odartey Lamptey, has once again spoken about how he found out children in his first marriage were not his biological children.

He said he had to explore tactful investigative skills to gather information about the real fathers of the three children.

Odartey, who spoke on Sports Agenda on Tumpaani TV on Tuesday night, disclosed that friends of his ex-wife, Gloria Appiah, were pivotal in exposing her. 

According to him, they assisted him with the information he needed, revealing they did that because he wasn’t treated fairly by the ex-wife and besides, he deserved to know the truth. 

“Five of her friends called me… and it was because she did those things for a very long time. Her friends thought I have been punished to the extent that we have to go to court. So when they called I recorded them. If I say I didn’t record them then I am lying. I recorded them. I am more than Anas as I sit here. I recorded them for about one hour thirty minutes. Initially when they called me, I didn’t want to go …but later I decided to go. I went with two phones …and I placed one in front of me and I kept the other in my pocket to record. They said a lot of stuff and one asked me to go and do DNA test. She mentioned all three fathers of the children to me. So I took the recording to my lawyer and then I took the children to a private hospital for DNA test,” he revealed as he sounded thankful to them.

Odartey and Gloria officially divorced in 2017 after it came out that the children in their 21-year-old marriage were not his.

An Accra High Court has ruled that Gloria committed ‘adultery’ when she gave birth to three children out of wedlock and subsequently quashed her motion to be awarded half of the property of the former footballer. 

But she has reportedly appealed and the case is still in court.

Explaining how he got the children to do DNA test on Tuesday, Odartey narrated that he picked the children from school and told them he had an infection in his throat and he was, therefore, taking them to the hospital to get them checked if they were safe.

Odartey hinted that he and Gloria started having issues when he changed a decision to allow one of the children go to school in the UK.

He alleged the ex-wife as result got angry and said she wanted divorce. Her friends, therefore, thought he needed to know the truth about the children.

He said he never cheated on his ex-wife even though he had a lot of hints about the ex-wife’s escapades.

Odartey is currently married to Ruweida Yakubu, a former Ghana’s Most Beautiful queen and they have two girls one five years and the other three years.

By Francis Addo