Mzbel Accuses Abeiku Santana Of Sabotage


Songstress Mzbel has accused radio presenter, Abeiku Santana of always sabotaging her music career.

According to her, the Okay Fm presenter is one of the gatekeepers in Ghana’s entertainment scene who have always had something negative to say about her to block opportunities that come her way.

Mzbel’s accusation is a response to a video in circulation in which Abeiku in an interview with a young musician, Chief One called Mzbel a former artiste.

Abeiku looked shocked when Chief One told him he wanted to work with Mzbel.

“Huh, Mzbel! Former artiste Mzbel. She is a former artiste,” Abeiku said.

His response didn’t sit well with Mzbel who took to a Facebook live on October 26 to accuse Abeiku of being a drawback to her career.

“I started doing music about 18 years now and one of the people who have dedicated their time to sabotaging me and backbiting me but turn around and smile with me and act as if they support me is Abeiku Santana. Abeiku Santana is one of the few people in our industry, if you come as a new artiste and didn’t go under him or suck up to him to be on your team, they will sabotage you,” she alleged.

“When you go for an interview with Abeiku, he will ask silly questions and push you to answer questions you have vowed not to comment on. That is how he is,” she continued.

“Believe what Shatta Wale said. Some people in our industry ruin your opportunities. They are like the gatekeepers, so once they are contacted, you can kiss that thing goodbye because if you don’t suck up to them, they will sabotage you, but thanks to Mark Zuckerberg for Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms. Now artistes can decide whether or not to go to Abeiku’s show. I don’t need you anymore, nobody needs you anymore,” she added.