Namibia To Study Ghana’s Digitalisation Blueprint


In an effort to drive it’s digitalization efforts, Namibia has expressed a keen interest in studying Ghana’s digitalization blueprint.

This was revealed during a meeting between Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia and Ms Emma Theofelus, the Deputy Minister for Information, Communication & Technology of Namibia.

The meeting, held at the Jubilee House, saw both parties engage in discussions surrounding Ghana’s digitalization drive and the positive impact it has had on the country’s transformation. Ghana was praised for its achievements in various digital initiatives such as the issuance of the digital national identity card, known as the Ghanacard, the implementation of a digital address system, the introduction of mobile money interoperability, and the delivery of government services online.

Ms Emma Theofulus, during the meeting, expressed Namibia’s strong desire to study Ghana’s digitalization blueprint, recognizing the potential benefits it could have for their own country. By understanding Ghana’s methods and strategies, Namibia hopes to implement similar initiatives to drive their own digital transformation.

In addition to discussing digitalization, Ms. Emma Theofulus also commended Ghana for its successful tourism initiatives, including the globally acclaimed Year of Return and December’s Beyond the Return campaigns. These initiatives have attracted a significant number of tourists to Ghana, boosting the country’s economy and cultural exchange.
Inspired by Ghana’s success, Namibia has launched its own tourism campaign called “November in Namibia” with the aim of boosting their tourism industry and attracting visitors from around the world.

The meeting between Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia and Ms Theofelus highlights the growing international recognition of Ghana as a leader in digitalization and tourism. With Namibia seeking to learn from Ghana’s experiences and replicate its successes, it is clear that Ghana’s digitalization blueprint is becoming a model for other countries to follow.