Nana Kwame Bediako Wins Top Forbes Award

Nana Kwame Bediako 

Nana Kwame Bediako commonly called Cheddar or Freedom, a renowned young Africa millionaire has been awarded Forbes Best of Africa Social Entrepreneurship Leadership Award.

The young technology millionaire who is the CEO of both Wonda World Estates and Petronia City Development, a 2,000 acre master-planned city development in Ghana was given the award for his numerous achievements in entrepreneurship.

He has been a successful developer in the Ghanaian real estate sector for over 15 years and has developed over 100 unit houses.

Cheddar as he is affectionately called was optimistic of changing the face of real estate in Ghana by investing in landmark buildings including No.1 Oxford Street and Kwarleyz Apartments.

Nana Kwame sits on the Board of Sujimoto Construction in Nigeria, and serves as the Chairman of the New Africa Foundation, a philanthropic organisation.

He is an alumnus of the University of Westminster, London.

The dedicated philanthropist has fed tens of thousands children in Africa and educated countless students.
He is also known to bridging Moslems and Christians together.

Not long, he gave a home to a Ghanaian World War II fighter who was houseless and supported a physically challenged man by purchasing a vehicle which to help him start a transportation business.

He is paying for several surgeries and most recently, he got a 5 bedroom home for the conjoined twins by moving them from a one bedroom home without a washroom.

Nana Kwame is currently preparing to build a gas pipeline to increase energy in the country among other countless investments undertaken by him.

By Vincent Kubi