Nana Romeo Blasts Shatta Wale For Always Attacking Media

Nana Romeo


Radio presenter, Nana Romeo, has asked Shatta Wale to appreciate the Ghanaian media instead of always badmouthing them.

The Accra FM presenter said the controversial musician has been benefiting from the support of the media but the least opportunity he gets he is always insulting them.

“Someone tell Shatta Wale he should stop playing that game. You cannot sacrifice someone for your fame. You’re always insulting and degrading DJ’s and presenters who usually support you. You look down on their lifestyle and even the sort of clothes and shoes they wear.

“Meanwhile, you need the media in everything you do. Just take a look at your birthday, most of the people that were present were from the media, yet after all this, you turn around and insult them,” Romeo said.

According to him, Shatta Wale should be bold enough to stop media houses from playing his songs to prove that he indeed wants to completely cut ties with them.

“If you’re bold enough to insult the media, then you might as well warn them not to play your songs on their radio. You need to issue a directive that any radio station who plays your songs will be sued, so we know how serious you are. Because you insult them but when they show up for your event, you’re happy about it. Also, not every media house needs you,” he added.