NDC Blocks MP Aspirants In Eastern Region


The Eastern Regional Executive Committee of the Opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has warned its members who are lacing their boots to contest the sitting Members of Parliament in the region to desist from such activities since the party hasn’t given an official green light for them to campaign.

It appears some interested members of the party who want to become future Members of Parliament are seriously embarking on a series of campaign activities in the seven seats of the NDC out of the 33 Constituencies in the region, to unseat the incumbents in the next election.

The MPs who fear being uprooted are seriously crying over the supposed intimidation and undermining tactics orchestrated by their opponents while they are in Accra working.

This has forced the Regional Executive Committee of the party to warn the MPs’ opponents to halt all their activities which are confusing the constituencies.

The Regional Secretary, Baba Jamal Konneh in a statement said the National Executive Committee (NEC) has not set out dates or opened nominations for parliamentary primaries and neither has it sanctioned campaign activities for such positions to begin.

According to him, “Indeed the General Secretary of the party issued a letter dated 25-02-2022 cautioning the perpetrators of such acts. He stated in that letter that “Any member who jumps the gun could face sanctions including the possibility of being disqualified from contesting when the time comes”.

“We, therefore warn that until NEC comes out with a date for parliamentary elections, all party folks having the interest to contest must back down all activities that are geared towards parliamentary primaries,” the statement said.

“For the avoidance of doubt, these include a declaration of intents by assembling branch executives, soliciting for support from the branches and campaigns in any form”.

“Also, all individuals having the interest to contest as parliamentary candidates must respect the authorities of the Constituency Executive Committees (CEC) before, during, and even after primaries”

The statement added that “Every qualified party member who has the interest to contest as a parliamentary candidate on the ticket of the party at any constituency in the region would be allowed to do so when nominations are opened. So we are all advised to henceforth desist from this and other such activities that will bring the name of the party into disrepute” Baba Jamal underscored in the statement.

BY Daniel Bampoe

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