NDC Full Of Impossibilities…Because They’ve Limited Vision – Bawumia Punches

Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia has tagged members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) as people with the mindset of impossibility due to their lack of vision to transform the country.

This, according to the Vice President leads to functionaries of the NDC misinterpreting the link between digitisation and economy to Ghanaians because they do not understand digitisation.

He said the NDC difficulties in understanding digitisation was as a result of their failure to read and understand.

“When we talk about digitisation transformation, our opponents in the NDC have difficulties in understanding the link between digitisation and economy. The vision that they have turn to be very limited and what we see and what we talk about, they do not see, what we say, they do not understand. Sometimes to understand something you’ve to read a little about it but they don’t like reading.

“In the technology age, your mindset must be a mindset of possibilities, not a mindset of impossibilities. Their mindset is a mindset of impossibilities, so whatever we try to do they say it is impossible and they’ll cloud their ignorance by saying that we’re lying, ‘obua’. Immediately you say you’re going to do something, they say it’s a lie because they don’t understand. They cannot see it and they don’t take their time to understand it and you see this very much in the digitisation space,” Dr. Bawumia stated.
The Vice President was speaking at the closing ceremony of a retreat for board chairpersons, heads and deputy heads of government institutions at Nkwatia-Kwahu on Sunday November 21, 2021.

Drawing on examples from the posture of the NDC when NPP declared its intention to introduce Free Senior High School (SHS) education and drones to help in the medical supplies in the healthcare delivery system of the country, the Vice President further stated that the NDC functionaries who lack knowledge on economics were misleading the public.

“When we said, we wanted to bring in drones to help in medical delivery, what did they tell us? They said we’re bringing drones to take naked pictures of people in their bathrooms. These are their PhD holders but our use of drones in the delivery of medical supplies have helped us to overcome many challenges in the delivery of healthcare services to people who live in the rural areas and far from the urban centres. We’ve save lives and provided more efficient management in the distribution of critical medical supplies and gain more equitable access to healthcare delivery in the country. So let’s believe in possibilities and not impossibilities.

According to him, he was not surprised about the posture of the NDC as they lack understanding of digitisation.

“I wasn’t surprised with NDC posture in the whole digitisation space because whenever we talked about Free SHS, they said ‘woboa’ isn’t it? Even Free SHS which was fairly straightforward, they said it was 419. So if someone cannot understand Free SHS, how do you expect them to understand digitisation? How do you expect them to link digitisation with the economy? Is that the case of you’re speaking in parables? They cannot understand,” he noted.

By Vincent Kubi