NDC Suffering From Crises Of Ideas – Ahiagbah

Richard Ahiagbah


Communications Director of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP),  Richard Ahiagbah,  says the NDC is suffering from crises of ideas, and  therefore has nothing to offer Ghanaians except to ‘weaponise’ the difficulties facing Ghanaians for their parochial profit.

In a statement issued by the Communications Director, said, “Our humble appeal to Ghanaians is to bear with the government while we sort out the grave impact of Covid-19 and the War on our growth trajectory.

Fellow Ghanaians, we have turned the corner, and we are en route to recovery so, let’s work together to bring back our economy. As for the NDC, they are suffering a crisis of ideas and as a result, are weaponizing the struggles of Ghanaians for their parochial political profit.

They have nothing to offer, if you like ask them what they would do if there in faced with this difficult global economy,” he said.

According to him, though members of the NDC were very much aware of the measures the government has initiated to restore the economy, they have deliberately used the  challenges facing Ghanaians to incite and make the government unpopular.

That, he described as “unethical and extreme partisan behavior which should be condemned”.

“As a party and government, we have acknowledged the difficulties Ghana is going through and are working very hard to restore 2017, 2018, and 2019, 7% average GDP growth performance or better.

Inflation is very high now, but when we took over from the NDC in 2016/2017, inflation started trending downwards, and apart from 2017, where we brought the inherited 15.4% inflation down to 12.3%, we successfully kept inflation below 10% for four fiscal years namely, 2018 @ 9.84%; 2019 @ 7.14%; 2020 @ 9.89% and 2021 @ 9.98%. This is our record,” he said.

It further stated that the party finds the behaviour of members of the NDC problematic in spite of the evidence showing that the economy is on the path of recovery.

“I find it rather ridiculous their position that the economy has not turned the corner. It is a testament to the danger the NDC poses to the economy; because I know in their hearts they know we have turned the corner given the reported macro-fiscal data. For instance, the cedi depreciated only 1.84% from February to date compared with the frightening 54.1 depreciation we suffered in the spate of 2 or 3 months in 2022,” it  added.

By Ebenezer K. Amponsah