No Ghanaian SFX Artist Can Create Burning Car Scene– Movie Producer

Samuel Degraft Yeboah

Movie producer Samuel Degraft Yeboah recently burnt a car on the set of his latest movie ‘Forever In Our Heart’.

He told NEWS-ONE on Thursday that he wanted ‘Forever In Our Heart’ to be unique from his other movies.

Degraft Yeboah added that no special effects professional can achieve the burning car scene in Ghana.

Videos and photos from the movie showed a fairly burnt Toyota Tacoma vehicle. One of the videos captured the engine and seats burning. It is not a common practice in the movie industry to burn cars, especially with low budget productions.

“From our last production, we submitted to Netflix through film one, we got to learn that we need to improve the standard of our productions irrespective of budget. We need a facelift. The burning of the car contributed largely to bringing the character we portrayed in that scene to life,” he explained.

“We wouldn’t have achieved that burning scene very well with any effect professional in Ghana,” he alleged.

“And this is the second time a car has been burnt in a Ghanaian film. ‘The Burial of Kojo’ by Ama K Abebrese also had an old VW burnt, but this is the first time an expensive car like Toyota Tacoma in motion with no fault has been burnt,” he added.

Directed by Hilda Lamptey and produced by Samuel Degraft Yeboah, ‘Forever In Our Heart’ is currently premiering on YouTube.

By Francis Addo