No Levies On Luxury Vehicles– GRA Parries Fake News


The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has debunked claims that it is about to implement luxury vehicle levy in the country.

According to the Authority, such claim is false as the publication was not authorized by them.

This follows a purported letter from the Authority being circulated on social media titled ‘Implementation of Luxury Vehicle Levy’. The said letter states
that the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) has been
authorized to collect an annual levy imposed on luxury vehicles with
high engine capacities.

But in a statement issued December 2, 2022 said “GRA wishes to inform the general public that this publication was not issued by the Authority and its contents are completely FALSE. No
levies have been imposed on luxury vehicles and neither is the DVLA
authorized to collect such levies.”

GRA has therefore urged the public to disregard the said publication and
further cautions those spreading the false information to desist from doing so.

“Investigations are currently being carried out into the source of this misleading information and persons found to have deliberately fabricated and circulated this information will be sanctioned appropriately,” it said.

The Authority added that “GRA wishes to advise its customers and the general public to verify information on taxes and levies or any information relating to the Authority by contacting us on 0800-900-110, on or by
WhatsApp on 0552 990 000 and 0200 631 664.”

By Vincent Kubi

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