Not The Way To Go Guys!

Controversy is not a novelty in the history of the Tamale Teaching Hospital (TTH). Yesterday, the facility was in the news after some youth, referred to as Kandahar Boys descended upon it and chased out the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

They were reported to have also locked up the place; the action obviously causing restive moments at the hospital and obviously beyond it.

They claimed that the facility was being mismanaged and they the Kandahar Boys were not receiving their due respect from the hospital management.

The story is an unpleasant one and the precedence being set by the Kandahar Boys is unacceptable.

So many things have happened in the life of the hospital so far and we would have rather such negativities do not rear their heads on the public space especially as government is working towards improving health delivery in the country especially in the existing facilities.

The TTH is an important health facility in the northern parts of the country and when managed properly devoid of such negative occurrences can boost medical tourism as Burkinabes can access its services. Not so, however, when a group of persons can easily descend upon it and disrupt operations.

We might not know all the factors which led to the action of the youth suffice it to point out, however that, their conduct was unfortunate and irresponsible. The respect they claim they are being denied is, for instance, hazy and incomprehensible. We do not know what kind of respect they are demanding from the CEO and his team.

Such a crude method of addressing challenges does not inure to the national interest. This is why the Kandahar Boys cannot have our support for their action.

No matter the points in their favour, the physical descending upon the facility and open threats is not a welcome development and we are constrained to condemn it.

We find it disturbing that they did not use the available channels open to them to resolve their concerns. Allegations of incompetence and others can only be addressed when it is established beyond doubts that the CEO and his managers are unable to discharge the functions bestowed upon them creditably. This can only be done when a committee is established to interrogate the management of the facility.

When any group of persons can, on their own, decide to descend upon a state facility because in their opinion there is gross incompetence in the management of the place, civility would have been thrown overboard.

We are ruled by law and so we expect that those who conduct themselves unlawfully are disciplined accordingly to serve as a deterrent to those who might try to emulate their inappropriate conduct. The attack must be investigated even as law enforcement agents provide adequate protection to the facility and its staff.