NPP Presidential Primaries To Take Place At Constituency Level

The Presidential Elections Committee of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) says it will be conducting its presidential primaries across the 275 constituencies on 4th November 2023.

The Election Committee announced this after holding a crunch meeting in consultation with various stakeholders, including the presidential aspirants themselves which the party decided that the elections would be held at the Constituency level.

To ensure transparency, the Elections Committee will generate a voter register, which will be made available to all participating contestants for verification.

The Presidential Elections Committee in a statement expressed their gratitude for the cooperation received from all parties involved in ensuring an equitable, impartial, and transparent process to elect a presidential candidate for the 2024 general elections.

The Party also approved the guidelines and regulations for the primaries by all the presidential aspirants and the Elections Committee.

The Party said the elections will take place on 4th November, as well as at the Party Headquarters in Asylum Down, Accra, whereas each constituency capital will have one voting center, and there may be multiple polling stations on the same premises depending on the number of delegates, with a maximum of one thousand delegates per voting center.

The Party per its guidelines also noted that there will be no congregations or campaigning allowed on the day of voting.

‘’Delegates are expected to “walk in” freely and cast their votes individually. The guidelines also prohibit the wearing of any clothing or accessories displaying the colors or effigy of a specific contestant,’’ the statement added.

‘’Proxy voting will be allowed, and the application process will open on October 9th, with a deadline for submission on October 13th. The guidelines also outline the composition of delegates, with representatives from various party bodies, including the National Council, National Executive Committee, Regional Executive Committee, Constituency Executive Committees, and special wings of the party,’’ the statement added.

-BY Daniel Bampoe