Oops! Politicising Even Faith?


The passion to politicise everything under the sun in Ghana has assumed a disturbing level.

Even the hallowed subject of the Hajj in Islam appears to be fair subject for some mischief-makers who have nothing to show for integrity.

We have observed how over the years governments from the time of former President JA Kufuor’s tenure to President Akufo-Addo, have turned all stones even when the challenges appear insurmountable to make those who can afford, perform the Hajj.

In any case, for those who care to know, the Hajj is dependent upon eligibility. In Saudi Arabia, citizens apply to be considered for the opportunity and not all who do so qualify to be given the nod, and even then it comes at a cost.

So soon some persons with inordinate passion for mischief have forgotten how President Akufo-Addo’s government inherited paid-up prospective pilgrims numbering over 400 from the government of the NDC, but who were not airlifted and their monies nowhere to be found. Those responsible for the loss have not been queried.

The government’s magnanimity saw the whole lot airlifted at no extra cost to them. If such mischief makers have no accolade for the gesture, let them not be spreading falsehood all over social media.

Have such persons forgotten about how last year each pilgrim had their fares subsidised by $800 by government? Perhaps they are so myopic that such developments are beyond their comprehension.

Let them be honest with themselves and stop this inordinate throwing of dust into the eyes of the gullible.

We shall be debasing the important subject of Hajj when we descend to such lows as Said Sinare is doing. Those who have embarked upon this trip of falsification of facts for want of something to make them relevant in their political parties where they have lost favour, this should not be a subject for a reversal.

Sometimes some nonentities try to present lies to support their unsound arguments. Nigeria has not yet announced a full fare, what is obtaining for now being a deposit after which an appropriate cost would be made public.

What they have failed to let out perhaps out of mischief or ignorance is the fact that even at the current cost of $6,500 or GH¢75,000 per prospective pilgrim, a $1 to GH¢11.5 is the rate.  $6,500 would cost over GH¢80,000 in the street.

That Said Sinare would dare describe members of the Hajj Board as armed robbers suggests the status of the person spewing the garbage. A former Ghana envoy to Egypt and Saudi Arabia?  Incredible!

Today Saudi Arabia has privatised accommodation and other services enjoyed by pilgrims, not forgetting a sharp increase in VAT, the costs of which are borne by the pilgrims.

Being fair in our assessments of situations makes us good members of the faith to which we belong.

We know them who once said should Nana Akufo-Addo win the polls they would stop being Muslims. He won. Have they abandoned Islam? Perhaps they have without our knowing. The likes of Said Sinare should simply sharrap and avoid jumping into subjects beyond their restricted knowledge.