Opinion Leaders Laud Police Over Nima Security

Paapa Angola

The Police have been praised for the manner in which they responded to the Nima street shooting last week.

Alhaji Seebaway Zakariah, aka Paapa Angola, who is a popular radio/television personality in the Zongo community, told DAILY GUIDE that, “I was impressed by the performance of the Greater Accra Regional Police Commander DCOP Seidu Iddi and DCOP Suraji, the National Operations Commander of the Police. Shortly after receiving word about the mayhem in Nima I called the regional commander who said Nima was going to handle it, but I explained to him the severity of the issue. More police officers were quickly dispatched and it did not take long before the mayhem was brought under control.”

Engaging the residents and reassuring them about their safety, he said, went a long way in subduing the panic and fear which had gripped the people.

Both senior police officers, the regional commander and the operations commander quoted relevant portions of the Islamic scriptures in condemning the violence.

Paapa Angola’s sentiment is shared by other residents who condemned the act of violence which was visited on Nima and Mamobi last week.

Also mentioned for his role in calming tempers in the areas was the security analyst, Adil Adam. According to Paapa Angola, “this gentleman was also on the ground to ensure that normalcy returned to the suburb.”

“I decided to shower praises on the law enforcement officers because without them matters would have degenerated beyond what we witnessed,” he told DAILY GUIDE.

A patrol team has been assigned the troubled area, he said, adding that “this is another assuring development.”

By A.R. Gomda