Osono Decides: The Alan Episode!

Alan Kyerematen


Surely, the year 2023 is pregnant with many political babies for Asomdwekrom. Chief among them being the political contest to decide who leads the Great Elephant to the 2024 battle against those standing under the eagle-headed Umbrella. What a battle that would be!

When I first heard that Hon.  Alan Kyerematen, aka Alan K, had resigned, I knew the battle lines had been drawn.  I did expect him and his handlers to put up a spirited campaign. But not in my wildest dreams did I expect them to be reckless and hypocritical.

Yes, you heard right! Alan K saying there would be a clear departure from ‘No Action, Talk Only’ (NATO) system to ‘Great Transformational Plan’ (GTP) is nothing but reckless. He is by implication saying the government he just resigned from was NATO.

Granted that his NATO theory is credible, is Alan K saying that he had willingly been part of a NATO government for six-years? Ironically, Alan K is in another breath touting his so-called achievements as Trade Minister in the said NATO government. The sheer hypocrisy of demeaning a government that you were part of, and at the same time leveraging your association with the system to launch a political campaign!

I’ve always said that Alan K’s chance of winning the Osono leadership race is minimal. The reckless and hypocritical NATO to GTP theory has further reduced his chances. My friend Torgbui Titriku sees it as Alan K gleefully rubbing chilli powder in his own eyes.

I couldn’t agree with him more. It’s obvious he is digging his own grave. His resignation in 2007 was seen as shooting himself in the foot. His poor showing in subsequent flagbearership elections in 2010 and 2014, 19% and 4% respectively, proves that fact. The NATO theory is the last nail in the coffin for him. Trust the delegates to punish him for his recklessness and hypocrisy.

Even worse for Alan K is the fact that his lieutenants are making a deep grave deeper. Hopeson Adorye started it few moons back with his tripartite tribal tripod commentary, using the party’s Busia-Danquah-Dombo mantra to support his warped argument. He said Northern politicians in the Great Elephant fraternity were only fit for the running mate slot, implying that Dr Mahamudu Bawumia was not fit to become president simply because he was a Northerner. How Hopeson was tongue-lashed for his narrow-mindedness.

A former MP, who claims to be the Eastern Regional Coordinator of the Alan campaign, is reportedly playing the religious card as he rebukes his fellow Christians for campaigning for a Muslim. Who does that, if not a religious bigot who does not know the value of religious co-existence?

I want to give Alan K the benefit of the doubt. But his continued silence is too loud to ignore. He needs to speak up now and dissociate himself from the tribal and religious bigotry, lest he confirms our suspicion that it is a deliberate campaign tool from his camp. In any case, has Alan and his lieutenants forgotten that they will need both our Northern folks and Muslims to win an election within and outside the party?

Lest I forget, Alan K subtly criticized the over-bloated belly of the Elephant, which I fully agree with. Many people, yours truly inclusive, have on numerous occasions said the Elephant’s over-bloated belly needed to be reduced. So, we are glad Alan K has also realised that fact now.

I’m, however, curious about the timing of his criticism. Why didn’t he impress upon President Nana Dee to reduce the Elephant’s belly two or three years ago? If he did and the President did not oblige, why did he not protest by resigning honourably from the Nana Dee government? Some of us would have hailed him as a hero and rallied behind him for the Osono leadership race for the 2024 battle.

But as things stand now, one cannot help but see his criticism of the Elephant’s over-bloated belly as a sycophantic action to make him look good in the eyes of the Osono delegates in particular, and the electorate at large. Sycophantic or not, President Nana Dee should listen to Alan’s cry and do the needful. The President’s stubbornness on this over-bloated government issue paints a picture of a man who does not care whether the party retains power or not.

As for Alan K, I wish him well in his campaign. But I cannot wish him victory in the Osono leadership race because I’m not a hypocrite. I choose the candidate who will stick by the party through thick and thin over the one who will jump ship at the least storm.


See you next week for another interesting konkonsa, Deo volente!