‘Our Dream Was To Bring The Cup Home’

Kurt Okraku addressing the media


Ghana Football Association (GFA) President, Kurt Okraku, has expressed his disappointment at the Black Stars’ failure to win the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) title, stating that it was the team’s hope and dream to bring the cup back home.

Speaking at a press conference in Kumasi, Okraku reflected on the team’s performance, saying that they had invested a lot of energy and resources into the tournament, but unfortunately, they did not emerge victorious.

“Our hope, our dream was to bring the cup back home. It didn’t work out and we can’t be disappointed enough,” Okraku said.

However, Okraku remained optimistic about the future of Ghanaian football, stating that the GFA has been reflecting on their work as a team and have made several far-reaching decisions to improve the sport in the country.

“Management and technical decisions have seen us reflect on our work as a team. To reflect on what policies to help bring back the love and glory for the country,” Okraku explained.

According to Okraku, football is a uniting force in Ghana, bringing together people from diverse backgrounds and religions.

He emphasised the need for the sport to continue to thrive, stressing that the GFA is committed to making positive changes to ensure the growth and development of football in the country.

“Football is the sport that unites our country, Ghana. It is the sport that has brought us together. It is the sport that has brought religious and people from varied backgrounds together,” Okraku noted.

The GFA President also disclosed that the association has been engaged in a reflective period, during which they have been assessing their performance and identifying areas for improvement.

“It’s been a reflective period for us and we have to be decisive and take far-reaching decisions that will impact positively in the game,” Okraku added.

Okraku’s remarks come in the wake of the Black Stars’ early exit from the AFCON tournament, where they were eliminated in the group stages after failing to win a single game.

The team’s poor performance has sparked widespread criticism and calls for reform within the GFA.

Despite the setback, Okraku remains confident that the GFA can turn things around and make positive changes to enhance the sport in Ghana.