Pablo Takes On Sam George Over Attacks


The recent youth election of the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) is rather dividing the front of the youth of the party instead of forging ahead together.
The newly elected National Youth Organiser, George Opare Addo also known as Pablo is not leaving stone unturned as he returned fire from the Member of Parliament for Ningo-Prampram, Sam George.
Pablo is sending a strong warning Sam George to be careful with him, or else he will smell pepper.

This follows an internal fight between Sam George, Sammy Gyamfi, and George Opare Addo over the National Youth Organiser’s contest, where they threw their support for Brogya Genfi aka Armani and launched attacks on Pablo.

Pablo, in a reaction after the contest, revealed that Sam George was his small boy when he ran for the Okere Parliamentary seat at the age of 25.

Speaking on Asempa Fm on Tuesday, he disclosed that at a time he was serving as Municipal Chief Executive for Akuapem North, Sammy Gyamfi who is the National Communications Officer of the party was writing his West African Secondary School Certificate Exams (WASSCE).

He said on another network that “Sammy Gyamfi is flying too high. He should come down, he is a small boy. He has not lived life more than me”.

According to Opare Addo, his main opponent was Sammy Gyamfi, not Brogya Genfi. He said he is pleased he defeated Sammy Gyamfi.

“I told him (Sammy Gyamfi) that the situation where he passes the other way when I pass one way will not help the party and I want us to work together to bring NDC to power, ask him if I am lying,” Opare Addo revealed.

“Oh he is a small boy that is a fact, I don’t compete with him for anything, he is not my level. I own companies and employ people I pay every month. Ask that small boy, doesn’t he live at Airport Hills? How did he build that?…” George Opare Addo said.

On Asempa Fm, George Opare went on a verbal rampage and described his attackers referring to Sammy Gyamfi and Sam George as “Influence Paddlers” who have no locus, but just attempting to destroy his image and tag him as Anti-Mahama, hence won’t waste his time on them.

Sam George Fights Back

However, Sam George who was listening to the show, in a response on his Facebook page threatened to deal with George Opare Addo, the next time he makes a silly comment against him anywhere.

He writes “I have watched clips of George Opare Addo making asinine and reckless comments on an Accra-based radio station”.

“Let me serve notice to him that others he attacks may choose to be silent but not Sam George. This should be the last time he goes anywhere and runs his loose mouth on my person”.

“Today, he calls me an influence peddler! I do not blame him. When in 2008, I wrote all his campaign speeches because he was not connecting with his electorate, I guess I was peddling influence. What has he achieved that I would be jealous of?”.

“He attempted to go to Parliament and lost miserably at a time the NDC as a party was most attractive and won the 2008 elections. Is it his failure I would be envious of? When in 2015, 2016, 2019 & 2020 I went up against the establishment both within and outside our Party and WON all those elections, where were you?”

“After you bragged that you would win a landslide victory, we all saw the contrived small margin you won with after disenfranchising persons whose names were on the register. The results are a testament that you have not done as well as you delude yourself into thinking. The illusions of grandeur you create in that insipid mind of yours are creation of your weak mind. An intelligent person would have started a proper introspection to see how your landslide became a narrow escape.”

“When you sent a camera crew to Parliament seeking the endorsement of my Colleague MPs, were they also influence peddlers? You claim to be a democrat but are pained that others have exercised their fundamental democratic right of choice? Is everything okay with you?”

“And by the way, those who fund our party, NEVER go and sit on the radio and TV to run their mouths. Their wealth has made them discreet. As you brag about what you and your family have done for the NDC, be quick to add the numerous contracts the NDC has given to your family, and let’s do a balancing act and see who owes who a debt of gratitude. As our Elders say, ahwene pa KASA”.

“This is my initial response and warning to you to keep my name out of your mouth. The next time, I may not be this charitable. You have been warned!”

Opare Addo Attacks Back

But Opare Addo reacting to the Facebook post read on the show by the host, Osei Bonsu described Sam Goerge’s statements as false.

He also dared Sam George not to try his “Nonsense” on him the next time.

He further denied going to Parliament, with a camera to seek votes as claimed by Sam George and warned him as well to stop peddling lies against him.

“Which credibility does Sam George wield in the Parliament that he sits? How dare him? adding that “Sam George was one of my small boys who used to follow me around. He’s an ingrate who doesn’t deserve my time. He’s a certified Liar”.

“Can Sam George stand in my face for a second, and tell me the nonsense he’s writing on Facebook? Look at that!” Pablo angrily stated on the show.

The NDC National Youth Organiser, who got angry on the show nearly spit out insults at his party Member of Parliament, on the live show but was stopped by the host.

He later requested Shatta Wale’s track “On God” to shame his “Enemies”.

-BY Daniel Bampoe