Party Haunted By Dumsor

John Jinapor


Perhaps the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has become a haunted entity like we used to know of haunted houses in which nobody can live in.

The consequences include the situation when some of the leading members of the NDC exist in body but the brains to provide any alternatives to the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) is zero. Therefore they are always chasing shadows of failure or negative propaganda against President Akufo-Addo in the hope that it would affect the electoral fortunes of Dr. Digitalisation, Dr. Alhaji Mahamudu Bawumia.

If that were not the case would Rockson Dafeamekpor, NDC MP for South Dayi, with headquarters at Peki, the home of the illustrious and eminent personality, Ephraim Amu, make such nonsensical statement about Asamoah Gyan claiming he missed the penalty in South Africa because he is an NPP sympathiser?

In 2010, where was the South Dayi MP, when the whole nation rallied behind the Black Stars in South Africa irrespective of political persuasions? And again, does Rockson Dafeamekpor know of soccer stars like Roberto Baggio, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo who missed penalties?

Please Peki MP, spare us that agony of our inability to progress to the semi-finals in 2010.

We have always told Ghanaians to shine their eyes and watch carefully the activities of so-called role models. Where can we place Rockson Dafeamekpor, and John Jinapor who is only active in Parliament to cause disaffection for the NPP, especially in the management of the energy sector?

As for John Jinapor, all that he has spent time on from 2017 to date is the scanning of the environment to see the dumsor shadows that his leader, John Mahama supervised while President from 2012 to 2016.

And lest we forget, because we don’t have short memories, when his boss, Dr. Kwabena Donkor resigned because he lacked the capacity to fix dumsor, it was John Jinapor, although then a Deputy Minister, who acted as the de facto Minister of Power, but he also failed in their mission to take on dumsor.

The abysmal performance of John Jinapor and the NDC to resolve the challenges of the power sector continues to affect their vision and direction, to the extent that the NDC considers routine power outages as dumsor.

The NDC is doing everything possible to force the NPP government to equalise John Mahama’s dumsor record and to the extent that dumsor has become an acceptable word even outside Ghana.

That is the record that John Jinapor, John Mahama and the NDC have left for Ghanaians. And this explains why John Jinapor and the NDC Minority called on the Speaker to invite the Minister of Energy to explain the state of power to the people.

Truly there has been some challenges with power generation over the past two weeks and the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) MD, Samuel Dubik Mahama, has apologised for the problem and the lack of communication about it, but all these would not resonate with the NDC.

The dumsor shadows continue to haunt them to the extent that about a few hours of power outage in Parliament last week was greeted with shouts of dumsor is back from the NDC Minority bench.

The discerning characters in the NDC should call John Jinapor, Emmanuel Armah Kofi Buah, and Ato Forson to order before they hit the streets with their supporters naked screaming “dumsor is back, dumsor is back.”

If the leaders fail to restrain them, the NDC Minority would be screaming dumsor like the miscreant who stood in a crowded place to shout “fire”. We can imagine the commotion in such a crowded place, and the NDC conversation around dumsor is just to cause fear and panic in the country.

All these strategies by the NDC show their leaders lack ideas and vision to convince the people that the party is the best alternative. Many Ghanaians think that the NDC alternative is scary and abominable and should not be given the opportunity to mess up our governance architecture again.