Patapaa’s Wife Flaunts New Lover

Liha and her new lover


Ghanaian musician Patapaa’s estranged wife, Liha Miller, is allegedly flaunting another lover online after her separation from the ‘One-Corner’ hitmaker.

Videos circulating on social media, shared by Liha’s new partner, Duke, a professional footballer, capture moments of affection between the two, signalling a fresh start after the alleged instability of her previous relationship with Patapaa.

The viral footage depicts the couple enjoying shared experiences, from dining out to attending events, portraying a sense of intimacy and companionship between Liha and Duke.

The public displays of affection mark a significant turn in Liha’s personal life.

Liha and Patapaa’s marriage woes had been a topic of public interest, with rumours and speculation swirling about the reasons behind their separation.

Sources alleged that Liha’s extended stays in Germany, her home country, while Patapaa remained in Ghana was the genesis of their problems.