Playing Out A Violent Past (2)

Ghana is neither a failed state nor on the verge of becoming one, no matter how hard the NDC tries to create this mendacious impression.

The people of this country have not forgotten about what they endured under the aegis of the PNDC descendant, the NDC, especially, under former President John Mahama.

When some of the party’s leaders went for the demonstration a couple of days ago, and armed with firearms, the intention was to unfold a bloody agenda and plunge the country into anarchy. Finding the ambience not conducive for such a project, some of them quickly turned round to pretend to be advising against the possession of weapons among the persons they had assembled for the demonstration.

For these same elements to turn round and accuse some police officers of being unprofessional during the demonstration, is a dead-at-birth attempt at winning public sympathy.

It is clear why one of the leaders of the NDC demonstration would turn up for the activity armed with a firearm when state law enforcement officers have been deployed to offer protection for them.

The correlation between the NDC coup monger’s demands, and the smelly demonstration, is too glaring to be ignored. The coup monger and his colleagues from the NDC wanted to demonstrate at night with their own private security personnel. They also wanted to be permitted to address the nation using the state broadcaster.

Only evil-minded persons would want to demonstrate under darkness.  It can only be imagined what would have befallen our national security had the weird and evil-cased demands been obliged. Anyway, our law enforcement apparatus understands such mischievous shenanigans better and acted appropriately and swiftly.

The coup monger and the NDC project, having failed to fly the party, resorted to the two-day commotion in the streets of Accra in the name of protesting the high cost of living as if they could have managed the worldwide economic challenge any better. Even under normal times, the NDC plunged the country into an economic mess, the traits of which haunted the country in varied forms until the COVID-19 and the Russian invasion of Ukraine exacted its toll on everything in the country.

The NDC is undoubtedly not a better alternative to be at the helm of the state.

We saw the active involvement of professional protesters some of who have flirted with Togolese opposition elements. They tried a demonstration on behalf of the foreign opposition here but the nonsense was not given the necessary oxygen to make an impact.

The tricks from the NDC game-plan are not novelties, all of which have been played out before by their party.

The game-plan of the NDC, in making the country ungovernable, as spelt out by Ofosu Ampofo, is still visible in, our contemporary political history book. The contents of the project are being subtly played out but most Ghanaians are too smart to be hoodwinked by the tricksters.