Pokuase Thievery: Absurd, Crap

Pokuase Thievery: Absurd, Crap

Accra and the country for that matter a few days ago woke up to the absurd story about thieves removing the crash barriers and streetlights of the newly commissioned four-tier Pokuase Interchange.

It is a replication of what is happening to the railway project as thieves steal sleepers and even tracks.

The country’s newest infrastructural entry, the Pokuase Interchange, has known no peace since its commissioning recently by President Akufo-Addo. From the establishment of a chop bar on it and the usurpation of a whole lane by trotro drivers the list of breaches is increasing.  For those of us who expected our compatriots to savour the only four-tier interchange in West Africa they are in for a shock because the beautiful edifice is now on the radar of thieves. Trust them to continue to visit the location until the police descend upon them.

It is heartbreaking that as a people we do not admire beautiful things and think that such developments should be subjected to shameful thievery.

Unless those passing by did not observe the stealing going on we would like to ask why nobody challenged the thieves when they were in action.

Perhaps they looked like workers from a relevant state agency fixing things. Something was not right.

Be it as it may, we wish to ask that the thieves are hunted down and brought to justice.

The nonsense must stop now. We have a country and her assets to protect as a matter of urgency.

Without further delay the municipal assembly within the Pokuase Interchange and the police must quickly engage each other on how to stop the thievery.

Should we fold our arms as thieves strip the Pokuase interchange of its fittings?

The crash barriers like the railway sleepers and tracks are stolen for sale locally. The national security apparatus and the police should hunt the thieves now.

We are convinced that the buyers who are equally guilty of a breaching the law can easily be located by our security apparatus.

The ease with which the thieves removed the fittings is baffling.

We are tempted to demand that the municipal assembly should in future be surcharged when such fittings are removed. This would make it sit up and ensure that the interchange is secured.

The time to chase the thieves is now as they are now pushing for the sale of the stolen items to scrap dealers.

Anybody found to be in possession of the crash barriers of other fittings suspected to have stolen from the interchange must be arrested.

The security agents must focus their attention on scrap dealers. Our detectives have the skills to achieve results and must be given the orders to move now.

The public should proffer information to the security agents to track the thieves down because the task at hand is a shared one.

Let the assembly deploy PA fitted vans to educate the citizens about the importance of protecting state property and to report items on sale which resemble state belongings.

The thieves won’t stop until they strip the interchange of all its fittings unless we stop them and now.

We shall return to ask how the police have gone with tracking down the thieves and measures put in place to protect the interchange.