Populism Bereft Of Facts


The NDC’s flagbearer, Mr. John Mahama would soon be constructing bridges in communities where there are no rivers. Apart from the many propagandists in the party, it is difficult to understand the NDC flagbearer about the essence of his community engagements.

And because Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia consistently challenges him to outline any social policy measures, he is compelled to say something.

Now that his 24-hour economy and the teacher licensure examinations have refused to fly, he has shifted his campaign to assembly members.

He does his promises without the calculations. Now he says the assembly members can be paid GH¢1,000 from savings he intends to make from reducing his ministers of state to 60, in the unlikely event he is able to confuse them to vote for him and the NDC.

Again, he premised his argument on the fact that President Akufo-Addo appointed 127 ministers but did not state how many they are presently.

John Mahama would also not talk about the constitutional requirements that majority of ministers are appointed from Parliament. And these ministers from Parliament do not receive double salary unlike what some of his ministers did under his watch as President from 2013 to 2017.

Now he lists a number of perks he would cut if he becomes President, but he knows some of the perks are not recurrent expenditure. Throughout his political career, former President Mahama has always believed in populism but not the fact, figures and data. John Mahama, at the time you were exiting office after your abysmal performance in 2016, did you pay assembly members and how many ministers did you appoint?

As he goes round, he gets some politically tainted chiefs to endorse his failures. Goasomanhene, you were on rooftops endorsing 24-hour economy when you know the reality is not what you were propounding.

Those who do Indomie in Goaso already engage in 24-hour economy to serve the Okada drivers.

We have no qualms with those who support Mahama, but if you do so without the facts, we would strip your nakedness to your people. The NDC must wait patiently for Election 2024 debate as the NPP is ready for them.

Mr. Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, did you ever go to the Chief Imam to pray for you? And did it make you a religious prostitute or Christian by day and Muslim by night?

The propaganda would not inure to the benefit of John Mahama.

We, therefore, urge Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia and his NPP to gird their loins for 2024 elections in order to help the people to make informed decisions.

Next year’s elections are not like our elders say, “portor gum, hweƐ gum” but serious issues that confront us, and the political party and the flagbearer with the wherewithal, would receive endorsement from the people.

We are at the crossroads but it does not mean we would tolerate anybody at all to play games with our destiny.

We would scrutinise every policy options of the political parties and expose the “concert party people.” Next year would not be a child’s play but serious national endeavour to separate the chaff from the grain like the teacher licensure examination intends to expose the pretenders who are not fit to be in our classrooms.

Those preaching the alternative are yet to convince us that we ought not to be scared of their policy alternatives. It is an abomination to adopt their regime change conversation.