PR Practitioners Urged To Uphold Integrity, Truth, Honesty

Elaine Sam Kwami (with mic) addressing dignitaries at the PR Legends Night


Public Relations practitioners have been entreated to uphold the standard of practices in PR and communication, by holding fast to truth, integrity and honesty.

Speaking at the PR Legends Night organised by the Institute of Public Relations IPR, under the theme, ‘Legacy Builders, Shaping PR Excellence for The Future’, Elaine Sam Kwami, a fellow of IPR, said the issues concerning the general ethics of the profession have become essential due to criticism of the credibility of its communication outputs.

“All professionals who are PR practitioners must endeavour to always practice the act of upholding integrity, professionalism and ethically conducting work, reflecting the principles of PR practices.

“You must be firm with your decision, by standing by the truth while providing lasting solutions to your company, and giving them many reasons why taking an alternative solution will be the best, rather than covering up the truth with your communication, because you will surely be exposed sometime soon,” she said.

Former President of IPR, Vicky Wireko-Andoh, also emphasised the need for practitioners to maintain the standards of profession. “Deal honestly and fairly in business with employers, employees, clients, fellow professionals, other professions and the public. Respect their dealings with other people, the legal and regulatory frameworks and codes of all countries where they practice. Telling a lie to enable the desired result is not an option,” she said.

President of the African Institute of Extractive Industries, Anthony Aubynn, urged practitioners to build a solid brand in their workplaces by, contributing meaningfully to its development.

“As PRs, we want to make a mark through coming up with major ideas, especially in the areas of cooperating social responsibilities, which are implementable, in order to contribute to the key performances of the entity, and it must be measurable,” he stated.

By Prince Fiifi Yorke