Prampram Elders Beg For Police Escort

Heads of the three Royal Gates in Prampram have petitioned the Tema Regional Police Command to provide them with adequate security during and after the hearing at the Dodowa Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs, a petition challenging the legitimacy of Nene Waka Parker, a claimant to the Prampram Paramountcy.

According to them, they have picked intelligence that some hired assassins will be laying ambush to kill them on their way to and from Dodowa in a similar fashion as that of their late Mankralo who was killed some 3 years ago.

It would be recalled that, the late Mankralo of Prampram, Nene Atsure Bentah was killed in a similar fashion by some hired assassins who had laid ambush on him, when he was returning from a hearing on the same matter at the regional House of Chief in Dodowa.

The late Nene Atsure Bentah prior to his assassination in 2018, had warned against attempt to install a new chief before travelling out of the country, but was met with a surprise on his return with the installation of one Quarcoopome Parker as the Paramount Chief of the area.

He therefore raised objection about the installation which landed in the Greater Accra Regional House of Chief.

However, the Mankralo was murdered in cold blood by what Tema Police described as ‘hired hitmen’ when en route to Prampram after honouring an invite to the Regional House of Chiefs to counter the said enstoolment.

Based on the latest security intelligence being picked up ahead of the sheduled September 16, 2021 hearing in the case between the said Quarcoopome Parker and the 3 royal gates who are challenging his legitimacy, the heads of the three royal gates namely Abbey/Doku Mansro We, Tetteh Dzan Larbi Agbo We, Kwei Opletu We, who fear a repetition of the 2018 murder case, have called for armed police escort during and after the hearing at the house of chiefs.

They believe the faction that engineered the murder of their late Mankralo might be behind the latest ploy to ambush them when attending the Dodowa hearing.

Meanwhile, the Stool Father of the Prampram Paramountcy, Numo Osabu Abbey IV together with his kingmakers have given strongest indication about plans to install a new Paramount Chief in the area next month.

By Vincent Kubi