Quartey Essentials Launches Entrepreneurs’ Training Hub

Benjamin Quartey, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Quartey Essentials
Quartey Essentials, a private organisation involved in the production of liquid laundry detergent and fabric softener, has launched a programme to train individuals in soap, skincare products and disinfectants making.

The Quartey Essentials entrepreneurs’ training hub seeks to provide one on one master class for up and coming entrepreneurs who want to acquire the relevant skills in the fast growing industry.

The company, which started operations in April 2021, has so far trained 10 people in liquid soapmaking.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Quartey Essentials, Benjamin Quartey, speaking with DAILY GUIDE said the entrepreneurship hub was created to give people the skills to start their own businesses, “so we are targeting people who would want to start a side business or be an entrepreneur.”

He said the training which would be conducted by certified professionals will give participants the edge to create another source of income.

Mr. Quartey said people who went through the training have already started their own businesses and are doing well.

He used the opportunity to urge the youth and graduates who have not landed formal jobs to consider registering at the hub for free to start their training programme to become their own bosses.

He also noted that commercial cleaning companies, hotels, laundry agencies as well as individuals can contact Quartey Essentials for their cleaning needs.

By Jamila Akweley Okertchiri