Repugnant To Civility

Otumfuo Osei Tutu II


Last Sunday, Ghana’s unique unity in diversity was on show at the durbar of chiefs and people in Kumasi to commemorate the Silver Jubilee reign of the Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, on the Golden Stool.

Speaking at the grand gathering, the Asantehene reminded Ghanaians to avoid anything that would derail the electoral process. However, it appears this wise counsel from ‘King Solomon’ does not resonate on the NDC leadership and its supporters who have turned some registration centres into war zones.

The police must not treat any character who wants to breach the rules governing the registration exercise to avoid the nasty and shameful experiences in Cape Coast, Kukuom and Adugyama. The registration exercise is a purely civic responsibility of any citizen.

Ironically, the youth who have turned 18 years are prepared to endure the challenges at the polling centres while the adults in the NDC are wielding machetes and other dangerous weapons to attack their opponents.

It is also strange that a Member of Parliament (MP), Collins Dauda should be caught on the wrong side of the law and as usual, the NDC has already engaged in Goebbelsian lies to throw dust into the eyes of the people.

We are happy majority of the people are willing to participate in the three-week exercise. That is why we call on the Electoral Commission (EC) to be more meticulous in its public engagements in order to remove any doubts in the minds of a section of society that the Commission is up to a plot to favour a particular political party.

The EC can maintain confidence in its actions by the transparent conduct of its mandate, something it has exhibited anyway since Ms. Jean Mensa took over the reins.

The disgraceful and reprehensible conduct of the principal suspect in the mayhem which occurred at one of the registration centres should remind the police and related security agencies to strategise properly ahead of the December polls.

The MP’s brother, Naaba who boasted a few years ago that they are used to killing people, is currently in exile as law enforcement agents hunt for him so far to no avail anyway. While some think he is in exile, others have engaged in gossips about his death.

Be that as it may, persons who rise to the positions of representatives of their constituents should not exhibit such rogue behaviour. Ignorant youth might easily emulate such shameful conducts regarding the sources of the repugnant conduct as heroes and dignitaries.

In one of our editorials, we lamented about the dearth of role models in our society. Collins Dauda and his unacceptable conduct is apt example about the dearth of role models in our society, especially as one of his colleagues in the NDC seeks to defend him by putting forth a mendacious alibi.

Unfortunately, in our part of the world when politicians breach the law and are arrested, the action of the police is regarded as witch-hunting.

Our country would not grow when law makers and other politicians are free to do as they wish regardless of the quality of their conduct.

Most Ghanaians would rather the law is upheld in the country rather than the jungle conduct which some politicians want to be an attribute of our part of the world.

In as much as our country is not a failed state, those who breach the law must be dealt with accordingly, the Collins Dauda’s reprehensible behaviour standing too prominent to be ignored.