Rich Cultural Display Heralds Ghana’s Celebrated Fisherman Unveiling

A Rich Cultural display characterized the historic unveiling of Ghana’s most celebrated fisherman monument at Moree, a bustling fishing community in the Abura Asebu Kwamankese District of Central Region.

The Chiefs and people of Moree graced the event amid wild jubilation from start to finish of the event aimed at honouring the celebrated fisherman, Ofarnyi Kweigya.

The  Asafo Companies thrilled the well attended audience with their cultural display and intermittent ceremonial the admiration of all.

The 10’ monument, atop its 3’ base, memorializes Kweigya’s Moree roots, his contribution to Ghana’s fishing tradition and his historic migration from and connection to ancient Egypt.

Nana Dr. Kwamina Kra II (aka Dr. Kwa David Whitaker, Esq.), Rector of Obokese University of Excellence and Chief Consultant for Moree Kemetic Rebirth Projects (MKRP), said after the unveiling “Ancient Kemet is unequivocally one of the oldest and most famous civilizations on Earth—spanning 4,000 years of continuity, exemplary leadership and amazing achievements which have laid the foundations for humanity as we know it. Beyond all doubt, the world is deeply indebted to these !Giants of Antiquity.

The intense debate over who they really were. Predictably, Europeans, from the time of Aristotle, Socrates, Plato and others have behaved as if the Kemetian”s were unquestionably Caucasian.

Moreover, they have protected and preserved this narrative by controlling all academic content concerning Kemet, and, at the same time, attacking every counter narratives. While African and Diaspora researchers have doggedly challenged them, they possessed no contemporary non-white personalities to provide concrete evidence of the non-white nature of the ancient Kemetians—until now!

The folklore, local narratives and readily available physical evidence lends significant credibility to the hypothesis that the two Kemetic Giants—Ofarnyi Kweigya and Asebu Amenfi–could potentially represent critical links to mark the beginning of the end to centuries of debate.

To these ends the MKRP will assemble today’s preeminent Kemetic scholars, researchers, doctoral/graduate students and others with expertise in these important research areas to design, conduct, analyse, report and publish their important findings. Obviously, time will tell, but, this is a very exciting development for Moree, the Asebu Traditional Area, Ghana, Africa and her entire Diaspora.

A Moree resident-Kwesi Aggrey said ” Indeed, this is worthy of celebrating, we are extremely excited by what we are witnessing, it will go down in our history as one of the memorable events of all time, kudos to our big men for making this possible.”