Rocky Dawuni Urges Artists to Collaborate Instead Of Feud

Rocky Dawuni

Renowned Reggae icon Rocky Dawuni has issued a compelling call to fellow musicians, urging them to prioritize collaboration and unity over conflict and rivalry within the industry.

In an exclusive interview with 3Xtra’s Kwaku King, Rocky Dawuni passionately advocated for a more harmonious and cooperative approach among artists, condemning the prevalent trend of engaging in verbal spats and insults either through music lyrics or on social media platforms.

“I don’t believe that artists should focus on attacking each other. Artists should rather learn to work with each other. That’s how you build a solid, peace-driven environment. Any kind of toxic environment feeds negativity. We are projecting our art to young people. We are projecting our art to the leaders of tomorrow. So, if we make that art a means of division, then we lose the higher point of what it is,” Rocky Dawuni articulated.

The esteemed singer underscored the significance of fostering unity and solidarity within the creative community, emphasizing its potential to inspire optimism and positivity among Ghanaians at large.

“People might have their own methodology and their own aspects, but for me, I always promote harmony and unity,” Rocky Dawuni reiterated, highlighting the enduring importance of collaboration in achieving collective progress and cultural enrichment.

As one of Ghana’s most influential musical figures, Rocky Dawuni’s advocacy for collaboration serves as a timely reminder of the transformative power of music in fostering social cohesion and collective upliftment.

His message resonates as a beacon of hope, urging artists to transcend differences and embrace the transformative potential of collaborative creativity.