Safare Tissues Launched

Eric Amofa, Deloris Frimpong Manso and Dr John Kumah at the launch


SEABEIGE GHANA Limited has launched its line of tissue brand called Safare Tissues.

Eric Amofa, Managing Director for Seabeige Ghana Limited, speaking at the launch, indicated that “our vision is to ensure Safare Tissue becomes a household name, easy-to-find and the number one choice for all tissue related needs for every home in Ghana.”

Renowned media personality and businesswoman, Deloris Frimpong Manso, aka Delay, was unveiled as the Brand Ambassador for the product, which is wholly-produced in Ghana and Ghanaian owned.

Delay, who was very positive about the latest introduction, said she agreed to join Seabeige Ghana Limited as Ambassador for Safare Tissues because she wanted to chart a new path.

“Safare is born to succeed and I’m very happy to be part of this success story. I cannot wait to say in future that they started with me and they will stay with me. All I know is that I don’t touch something which will fail. That’s not it; there can’t be failure and Delay in the same place.

“If there is one thing I can say, it is the fact that I’ve the Midas touch and everything I touch turns to gold. I can give you endless examples, the Delay Show is fifteen years old and it feels like a day old. It’s moving from grace to grace,” she said.

On his part, Deputy Finance Minister, Dr. John Ampontuah Kumah, indicated that the launch of Safare Tissues was representative of what the government was looking for in Ghana.

He also said the government was looking at entrenching entrepreneurship in the country where citizens would develop their ideas into businesses to employ others.

Dr. Kumah admonished Seabeige Ghana Limited to inculcate better Corporate Governance practices in its work.

He said this was necessary to ensure that even after the founder was no more, the company would still be in operation.

“There should be better Corporate Governance Institutions in place. I want to encourage Seabeige, if you want us to meet after 50 years when our Chairman General will be an old man, I want to attend your 50th anniversary with everybody here testifying because by that time, you’ll be a global product. If you can have that picture, then you begin to set a certain culture right in this business for it to grow beyond us. I want to encourage you, let’s get the Corporate Governance Institutions right from the word go. It should not be said that right after the original owners passed, the company also passed. This is a major problem of many Ghanaian businesses in our country. Let’s begin to understand how to grow businesses beyond our lifetime and beyond our first and second generation, and when we do that, we will be answering the question of job creation,” he said.

He said Ghanaians could also create greener pastures in the country to prevent the youth from risking their lives to travel abroad in search of those.

Safare Tissue are a wide range of quality, soft and highly absorbent virgin tissue products made from the finest and yet most hygienic tissue materials. The products include toilet rolls, paper towels, table napkins, facial box tissue, pocket tissue and other related products would be introduced onto the market next year.