Samsung Unveils Galaxy A04s

The Samsung Galaxy A04s


SAMSUNG HAS unveiled the new Galaxy A04s mobile device designed to cater for customers looking for smartphones that are built with impressive features and user-friendliness in mind. Users of the Samsung Galaxy A-Series deem their devices as their ‘First Love, their First Galaxy’, as they give users their first Galaxy experience and introduce them to phones with great features.

The Galaxy A04s Sleek comes in a stylish and bursting look with an array of features.

It has a stunningly smooth 90Hz refresh rate on Galaxy A04s’ 6.5-inch HD+ display which promises to give users silky scrolling and video, with screen transitions that feel buttery. Soft, rounded edges mean Galaxy A04s sits comfortably in the users’ hand even during long stretches of scrolling.

Galaxy A04s pulls out all the stops, with a superbly natural 50MP main camera that shoots wide or tight, with down to F1.8 for taking brighter photos even in dark places.

This Galaxy series has impressive features that include a display that measures 6.5” diagonally with HD+ Infinity-V display resolution, which allows users to enjoy a full visual experience with dynamic gaming, immersive videos and multi-tasking.

The Galaxy A04s comes with 50MP High-Resolution impressive Triple-camera that lets users capture clear, bright photos on any occasion. These camera features allow for more delicate portrait shots to be taken as well as outstanding portrait expression.

It caters for users who enjoy surfing the internet but safely and are looking to keep in touch with loved ones who stay far away through video chat services. They are also ideal for users who enjoy playing challenging online games.

With the incredible camera quality, users will be able to choose how they want to enjoy their leisure time – be it on social media or watching an educational programme or even a sports game. This remarkable series is made for everyone – all ages and all genders.

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