Seth Terkper, Sherry Ayittey Sabotaged Ambulance Deal- Jakpa Cries… They’re Evil


In a startling revelation during the ongoing ambulance procurement trial, Richard Jakpa, the third accused, made impactful statements before the Accra High Court, shedding light on private dealings with the Attorney-General and alleging political interference from his own party people.

During a tense cross-examination by Director of Public Prosecution, Yvonne Atakorah-Obuobisa, Jakpa disclosed that he had personally contacted the Attorney-General to express his innocence and seek assistance in securing his acquittal.
He recounted that his interaction with the A-G stemmed from a desire to thank him for aiding in his bail process.

Jakpa asserted that both he and the first accused were innocent, placing the blame solely on Dr. Sylvester Anemana.
In a surprising twist, Jakpa claimed that the Attorney-General assured him that the target was the first accused, Ato Forson, and promised to secure his acquittal during the submission of the no case stage.

Drawing attention to alleged external influences, Jakpa pointed fingers at former Finance Minister Seth Terkper and Sherry Ayittey, attributing their actions to the current predicament. Recalling a previous radio appearance where he criticized Terkper for sabotaging the ambulance project, Jakpa claimed that Ato Forson intervened to defend his superior, leading to a heated exchanges between them.

Amidst the escalating tensions, Jakpa explicitly called out Seth Terkper and Sherry Ayittey, highlighting their purported involvement in the affair.
Seeking to unveil the truth, Jakpa urged the Attorney-General to designate him as a prosecution witness to expose the alleged misconduct by Terkper and Ayittey.

“In 2017 I went on Joy FM to discuss how Seth Terkper had sabotaged the ambulance deal. Ato Forson called in to defend his boss and I exchanged words with Ato Forson and told him to stick to his parliamentary work because Hon Seth Terkper started sabotaging this project right from the time he was Deputy Minister of Finance.

“I told him on radio to get his boss to come and respond to me.

“I told Attorney-General that because of this as of July 17, 2022, that he should make me the prosecution witness to expose Seth Terkper and Sherry Ayittey,” Jakpa stated, defeating his earlier allegations that it was the Attorney-General who was forcing him to stand a prosecution witness.

The courtroom ambiance intensified as Jakpa’s revelations unfolded, painting a vivid picture of intrigue and political machinations underlying the high-profile trial.
The complexities of the case continue to deepen, fueled by personal vendettas and accusations that cast a shadow of doubt over the impartiality of the legal proceedings.

As Jakpa’s narrative reverberates through the corridors of justice, the implications of his claims raise profound questions about accountability, transparency, and the integrity of the judicial system.
The ambulance trial, already shrouded in controversy, faces a new layer of complexity with the emergence of these shocking revelations exposing Jakpa as unreliable witness.


By Vincent Kubi