‘Sex Education Would Have Saved Many From Bad Sex’

Lydia Forson

Actress Lydia Forson has been sharing her opinion on sex education and how she thinks it will be beneficial to many Ghanaians if it had been taken seriously in the past.

Her statement follows recent debate over Ghana Education Service’s (GES) decision to introduce a subject on Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) into the nation’s curriculum.

Reports claim that from 2020, lower primary school pupils would be exposed to a new curriculum that would introduce them to values of societal norms and how to interact with the opposite sex. As they graduate to the upper primary, they would then study other modules of sexuality which include relationship, friendship, dating and courtship.

But after widespread debate over the plan, the GES has denied approving any such document.

On the sidelines, Lydia Forson seemed to have given thumbs up to sex education. She believes lack of it has rather created other major problems like rape.

“You can’t shield your children from what’s happening in the world, what you can do is prepare them for it. If you don’t teach your children about sex, someone else will and that someone will be that uncle, auntie, doctor, teacher,” she stated on Twitter.

“And history has taught us that for a lot of children these people teach them through rape. Some of you, at your old age still can’t say SEX without cringing, but you’re having it. Why do you think that is?

Why is something so pleasurable and God-given, so demonized by our society?

Even in marriages where it’s supposed to be ‘permitted’, it’s still discussed with so much shame.

All this outrage because some media houses chose to sensationalise the discussion of the GES curriculum, and others chose to spread false documents in support,” she added.