Solar Africa Condenms Dectractors of Africa’s Largest Salt Mine, Electrochem Ghana Limited


Civil Society Organization, Solar Africa, has expressed its disappointment in those actively working against the operations of McDan Group of Companies and its subsidiary, Electrochem Gh. salt mining company.

The companies have been legally authorized to explore and extract salt from the Ada Songhor Lagoon. The government granted McDan Electrochem Ghana a 15-year leasehold for a 41,000 acreage within the Songhor Salt Mining Lagoon, which was approved by Parliament.

Despite the potential benefits of job creation and community development, among others, some individuals have been sabotaging the operations. McDan Group has already employed 3,000 people this year, with plans to increase that number to 4,000 by 2024. The community of Ada is excited to benefit from these natural resources, which have been unproductive for decades.

Solar Africa is calling on all citizens of Ada and beyond to support the project and encourages local entrepreneurs to invest in other natural resources across Ghana. The Ada Songhor Lagoon belongs to the state, and it is incumbent upon political authorities, including the Member of Parliament and the Municipal Chief Executive, to offer their maximum support to Electrochem Gh. to help transform the lives of the people in Ada and satellite communities.

Furthermore, Solar Africa appeals to religious organizations, chieftaincy secretariats, human rights and civil society organizations, and security agencies to voice their support for the project and to denounce those working against its success. The organization stresses that investment in natural resource exploration is expensive and local businessmen and women deserve encouragement rather than the “pull him down” attitude.

In conclusion, Solar Africa urges all parties involved to prioritize peace and harmony in the development of Ghana’s natural and human resources.