Spinal Awareness Golf Pulls Crowd

Participants in a pose

Last Saturday saw the rebirth of Spinal Awareness Golf Classic at the Celebrity Golf Course in Sakumono.

The event, which was hosted by Spinal Clinic Limited, featured over 100 golfers from Ghana, USA and other parts of the world.

Spinal Clinic Limited began the charity event in 2009, and after a hiatus of a few years, it relaunched the tournament this year to educate the general public on the importance of the spine in everyday health.

The event featured many corporate sponsors such as Central Hotel, Stallion Motors, Allianz, Imperial Peking, Remy Martin and many more who displayed their products for the golfers.

The Founder and CEO of Spinal Clinic Limited, Dr. Bryan Cox, gave a health talk and explained that the event will continue every year to help bring awareness to the spine and health issues as part of his NGO (Chiropractic Around the World).

Participants enjoyed stretches from the clinic staff while the winners received prizes such as trophies, gift baskets, cell phones, dinner vouchers, hotel vouchers and many more.

“While we want to make sure this year golfers had a great experience and loads of fun, we must not lose focus on the importance of the spine in our optimum health,” Dr. Cox stated.

With the attendance and success of this year’s Spinal Awareness Golf tournament, the event is poised to be one of the biggest golf charity events in Ghana and West Africa.